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Why Dry Brushing Should be Added to Your Daily Routine

A Brief History Beauty rituals have been used for centuries by men and women of ancient civilizations to keep their skin looking young and beautiful. Dry brushing, a universal beauty ritual, has been used for centuries by cultures such as ancient Egypt, India, Greece, and Rome. Dry brushing is also incorporated in many traditional Chinese and Japanese bathing rituals. Dry brushing may seem like a newer fad, but this beauty secret has been around for centuries. What is Dry Brushing?

Dry brushing is simple and easy. It is a body massage that uses a stiff-bristled, handheld brush. Dry brushing is most effective when done before a shower. When one exfoliates in the shower, the heat of the water often strips the skin of moisture. While dry brushing before a shower allows deep exfoliation of the skin and an increase in blood circulation while keeping the moisture. Also, keep in mind, dry brushing is very potent, so there is no need to brush extremely hard. Gentle stokes will provide the same benefits, without damage to the skin. How to:

  • Starting at the feet and brushing upwards, brushing towards the heart as you make your way up the body.

  • Using long and light, yet brisk strokes along the skin.

  • On the stomach brush in a clockwise circular motion

  • When you reach your upper body, start at the hands and brush up the arms toward the heart. Women avoid the breast area.

  • When you reach the neck, start at the back and bring the brush to the front.

  • Avoiding the face as the brush can be a little too rough for the skin on your face.

Benefits Our skin is our largest organ, and one of the main pathways our body uses to release toxins, which is why it is essential to take care of it. Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps your body filter waste. Lymph is fluid catches the cellular waste and toxins in the body, then helps remove them efficiently. Since the lymphatic system does not have any stimulation, it relies on bodily movement to improve circulation. If there is not enough movement, lymph starts to stagnate and waste builds up. Lymph is located right underneath the skin, which is why dry brushing and gentle massage are excellent ways to stimulate circulation. One method the skin uses for detoxification is perspiration. The exfoliation from dry brushing helps to clear the pores of the skin from debris and dirt. Allowing a more transparent passageway for sweat to leave the body, allowing for more comfortable detoxification for the body. Brushing also helps stimulate the oil glands, located in the second layer of skin. The oil is brought to the surface, moisturizing the skin and increasing elasticity. Brushing is also known to help improve blood circulation, aids in balancing fat distribution and enhances nerve function throughout the entire organ. EXTERNAL BENEFITS · Exfoliates and eliminates dead skin cells · Works to tighten skin (which can reduce the appearance of cellulite) · Helps to distribute fat deposits more evenly · Allows for better absorption of products you use on skin · Stimulates oil glands, smoothing and softening skin INTERNAL BENEFITS · Stimulates elimination of cellular waste · Aids in lymphatic drainage · Improves circulation · Increases metabolism · Stimulates nerve endings which Rejuvenates the nervous system · Aids in the body’s natural detoxification process Who is Dry Brushing for? Dry brushing is for anyone who wants to improve overall skin health. Dry brushing is safe for all ages and all skin types. Remembering that less is more, so ditch the intense scrubbing and opt for a more gentle approach. Personally, I dry brush to exfoliate my skin and to give it a natural glow. I have noticed a difference with in the first few months of brushing. My skin seems to retain more moisture, lessening the amount I have to moisturize manually. To attain the benefits, brushing two to three times a week is sufficient.

Things to Aware of You should avoid brushing any area with skin wounds, cuts, or rashes. As well as altogether avoiding the facial area, if you are looking for something to exfoliate the face, I would suggest something much softer. A dry brush can be very tough, and the skin on the face is far too delicate. As well as if you are battling any other health condition, it is essential to always talk to your health care provider before adding something new into your routine.

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